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  Greetings in Lord Jesus' name!
Welcome to Calvary Jaya Bible-Presbyterian Fellowship's Website www.calvaryjaya.org

English Worship Service

Sun 10.15am: Jaya

Sun 5.00pm: Jaya (2nd & 4th Sun)


Junior Worship (Ages 4-14)

Sun 10.15am: Jaya - Upstairs



主日 8.30am: 八打灵堂 

主日 11.15am: 蒲种堂


Grace Deaf Ministry Worship

Sun 10.15am: Jaya - Upstairs


www.calvaryjaya.org updated Lord's Day 5 April 2020  

In line with the Movement Control Order by the Malaysian Government, all church activities and services will be suspended, until 14 April 2020. 

For the Lord's Day Worship Service, we encourage all worshippers to log into online services, available on Sunday:

Shepherd's Guidance 20200405

Shepherd's Guidance 20200401

10.00am: Gethsemane www.youtube.com/user/gethsemanebpc

10.00am: BPCWA www.bpcwa.org.au/livestream

10.30am: Calvary Pandan www.calvarypandan.sg/events/live-mws | www.youtube.com/channel/UC012HhCZhsNcbMwkigKuqFA

10:30am: True Life www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_nzmkvUV_N7heAUOdTTCg

2.00pm: Truth www.youtube.com/channel/UCnmp-Pi7LfA0cg9_dmfHucQ

2.00pm: Tabernacle www.youtube.com/channel/UCmyZZpc69hNZyVPT9p1DUqQ

6.00pm: Gethsemane www.youtube.com/user/gethsemanebpc

6.00pm: Calvary Pandan www.calvarypandan.sg/events/live-sgh | www.youtube.com/channel/UC012HhCZhsNcbMwkigKuqFA

2020: Calvary Jaya www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNCtrETFwXwgm5z6LXKZX5U-Wknt0xm0V

Tuesday Bible study:

7.30pm: BPCWA www.bpcwa.org.au/livestream

8.00pm: Gethsemane www.youtube.com/user/gethsemanebpc

8.15pm: Calvary Pandan www.calvarypandan.sg/events/live-bible-study | www.youtube.com/channel/UC012HhCZhsNcbMwkigKuqFA

Wednesday Bible study:

1.00pm: Gethsemane www.youtube.com/user/gethsemanebpc

Good Friday 10 April 2020:

7.30pm: Calvary Pandan www.youtube.com/channel/UC012HhCZhsNcbMwkigKuqFA

8.00pm: True Life www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_nzmkvUV_N7heAUOdTTCg

Saturday Bible study:

5.00pm: Calvary Pandan www.calvarypandan.sg/events/live-bible-studywww.youtube.com/channel/UC012HhCZhsNcbMwkigKuqFA 




牧者指导 20200405

牧者指导 20200401

8.00am: Calvary Pandan 中文 www.tinyurl.com/calvarypandan-mandarin | www.youtube.com/channel/UC012HhCZhsNcbMwkigKuqFA

10.00am: BPCWA 中文 www.bpcwa.org.au/livestream/cn

10.30am: True Life 中文 www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_nzmkvUV_N7heAUOdTTCg

11.30am: Gethsemane 中文 www.youtube.com/user/gethsemanebpc

2020: Calvary Jaya 中文  www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNCtrETFwXwiH31u-09_fu6DSVJsejsoj

2020: Calvary Jaya 英语 & 中文 English & Chinese www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNCtrETFwXwiNKNFdmtUoGLYNFr_Ifv0Q


7.30pm: BPCWA 中文 www.bpcwa.org.au/livestream/cn


5.00pm: Calvary Pandan www.youtube.com/channel/UC012HhCZhsNcbMwkigKuqFA

8.00pm: True Life www.youtube.com/channel/UCj_nzmkvUV_N7heAUOdTTCg

Upcoming Church Calendar more
>> Tithes & Offerings  14-Apr-2020 to 14-Apr-2020
>> Pastoral Advice  14-Apr-2020 to 14-Apr-2020
>> Calvary Jaya Family Bible Camp  25-May-2020 to 28-May-2020

Tithes & Offerings
 14-Apr-2020 to 14-Apr-2020
Venue: Online
Organizer: Calvary Jaya
Theme: You may send your tithes and offerings to the church bank account, details below: Bank Name: Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad Account no.: 121540010040213 Name: Calvary Jaya Bible-Presbyterian Fellowship

Pastoral Advice
 14-Apr-2020 to 14-Apr-2020
Organizer: Calvary Jaya
Theme: May the Lord help us to be law-abiding citizens of Malaysia. It will help the government and the frontline healthcare workers in handling the fight against the virus. This is a time for us to meditate upon God's Word and pray. This is also a good time for us to relate to our family members. May God have mercy on all the countries that are affected by this virus.

Calvary Jaya Family Bible Camp
 25-May-2020 to 28-May-2020
Venue: Laman Pesona Resort, Raub, Pahang
Organizer: Calvary Jaya
Theme: Inheritor Of God's Promise (Life of Isaac) "For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance." Romans 11:29 Rev. Lee Kim Shong Please block out your calendar to attend the camp.



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